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Kiss Me is a one-off outlet for Lida Fox’s and Aida Nizankovska’s ongoing photo diary website Film Hooligans, which presents weekly film diaries from travelling young creatives. Lida and Aida note that, “as one might expect, kissing – whether beautiful, sad, frustrating, messy, or funny – presented itself as a prevalent and recurring theme.”

The innovative duo invited creatives across the world to submit some of their favourite kisses and/or to write about any ideas they had on relationships at the time. Ultimately, Lida and Aida highlight the beauty of the overlap in ideas and emotions between some of the photos and writings, especially in circumstances where the author’s and photographer’s lives were entirely unrelated. The result? Kiss Me!

Kiss Me is currently available for purchase in NYC at Mast, Dashwood, McNally Jackson, or Spoonbill Books, and in Osaka at Standard Books. It will soon be available for purchase in Paris at Yvonne Lambert and Classic Books, in Los Angeles at Stories and Skylight Books, and online with Urban Outfitters.

Spread 1- Ph: Chad Moore, W: Aida Nizankovska
Spread 2- W: Lida Fox, Ph: Marcel Castenmiller, Ph: Chad Moore, W: Aida Nizankovska
Spread 3- W: Rebekah Campbell, Ph: Sang Woo Kim
Spread 4- Ph: Analise Ifould, Ph: Aida Nizankovska, W: Zack Ashley
Spread 5- Ph: Chad Moore, W: Hayett McCarthy, Ph: Lida Fox
Spread 6- Ph: Chad Moore, W: Lida Fox