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IRIS LUZ, editor and founder of Pc Erotic magazine (also casting agent, model, and now DJ), is an undeniable force to be reckoned with. Melding the complex topic of human sexuality with the labyrinthine nature of modern technology, Iris is here to guide us all into the future in the most optimistic, shrewd, and candid of ways.


How do you see technology, privacy, and sexuality converging in the next 50 years?

I feel like with time our privacy will be artificially restored in an attempt to gain back our trust. Whilst at the start of social media we used it more so to have somewhere to dump all our photos, now we’re inherently selective about what we share and how. As we ease into social media and it becomes even more instinctual to us, we seek to compartmentalize and refine how we share our content rather than dumping everything online for anyone to see. This will also have a domino effect within the sex industry which will become more personable and private, especially thanks to websites such as Patreon or Onlyfans.

How do you feel about overt sexuality online?

I love how now being an “insta thot” or “insta baddy” is quantifiable and monetizable, basically confirming the age old saying that sex sells. Many people reject the idea of indulging in the practices and aesthetics of the “insta hoe”, but I feel like people forget that social media is just a piece of software, and as long as you’re doing things on your own terms then why do people care? If I can make money from a piece of silly software then why not?

If Pc Erotic was a song, which one would it be?

Probably T.a.t.u (Dave Aude remix).

Where do you see social media and print evolving?

I feel like print has now evolved into a seal of authenticity and permanence as we revolt against the ever-churning online content mill. People create magazines and books more as a means of solidifying whatever brand and aesthetic they create online. For example, Frank Ocean’s “Boys Don’t Cry”magazine helped set the tone for his album and acted as a tangible piece of “him”, as people would rather stream music than buy a CD. It bridges the gap that things such as CDs or video cassettes used to do, bringing you closer to the artist.

What advice would you give to people wanting to start their own magazine?

I feel like in a world where it is so easily accessible to be seen and create things, now more than ever, the importance of ideas and authenticity prevails. So I’d say figure out what themes exactly make you happy and excite you and how you can explore those in a way that is unique to you. Don’t try to change the way you tick for someone else, especially now with social media, as you’ll always find someone who will love and support your work.

What change would you like to see in the creative industry?

I would like to see more people be open to different ideas and perspectives and aesthetics on things. This statement sounds vague but what I mean is that we currently live in a digital climate where we only see things we like (algorithms encourage content we’ve already liked before) which somewhat brainwashes us into thinking that our sole vision of things is the only vision out there. Exposing yourself to opinions and tastes different from your own helps you expand your own way of creating art, so why are we limiting ourselves to a set of cliché tropes?

What artists are you excited about right now?

My friend Taylor Skye makes music that is touching in its simplicity and lyrics (I’m awful at describing music but I guess, to me, it sounds like ‘self-aware’ pop). He also has a great and incredibly unique voice. Also, the visuals he used for his latest video recycle unexpected content from YouTube which is always very interesting.

My dear friend Lily Bloom and her partner Stringer (@lilybloom_ & never cease to amaze me with their thought provoking yet fantastical looks and videos. They mix modern technology with a plethora of themes such as folklore or horror to create uniquely bizarre and beautiful content.

Ruby Mariani is my ultimate icon (@r_and_m_leathers) and I think everyone should know about her; she plays in a really amazing rock band called Subdued and has her own leather brand, which she creates all the visuals for. Seeing someone as hardworking, creative but also dedicated to her authentic self gives me hope that you can still create things in this day and age whilst staying true to yourself, and how that authenticity really elevates anything you create to something truly touching.

Tell me about your process for creating your magazine as it is such a niche and of the now theme? 

To create each issue, I give myself a period of time to “set” which involves me fully immersing myself in all the current innovations within the tech and sex industry, directly or indirectly. This can range from podcasts to documentaries, to silly memes. Following this period of around 2 weeks, I’ll start writing out all the ideas I have which could be satire inspired by things I’ve read before or even just shedding light on odd aspects of technology and sex which people haven’t really talked about. After I’ve had a massive brainstorm, I try to figure out how all of these ideas my fit into a single theme, which often tends to be much more conceptual than the subjects explored. It’s once I establish this overarching theme that I can inject that feeling into each story and commission we include.

After this, I just let it all happen and kind of go with the flow of it.

What are you excited to work on in the coming months?

I’m excited to work on more audio-visual content and record more episodes of my podcast with Know wave (which you should all listen to, btw). The release of the second issue of Pc Erotic will also be bigger and better and I’m planning on releasing merchandise, too. Also, I DJ now, so if you ever need a DJ hit me up please @sillyyat


Interview by Ana Tak

Iris Luz @sillyyat

Ana Tak @anatakonyourface


Leather 2-piece by R & M LEATHERS @r_and_m_leathers