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CUMGIRL8 are, without a doubt, one of the most exciting bands to charge the stage in a long, long time. The all-female quartet may be new to the industry; however, it is abundantly clear that they are here to stay (and slay). Whilst exquisitely reminiscent of those 1970s and 1980s icons whom we all adore, CumGirl8 have seemingly visited the future and travelled back in time for our collective pleasure!

Introducing the future phenomenon that is CumGirl8!

CumGirl8! Introduce yourselves …


How did you all meet?


What do each of you do outside of CumGirl8?

We help people find their universe

Were any of you in bands before this?


How did CumGirl8 come together?

With patience and toys

Tell us about the creative dynamics of the band. Who writes the songs etc.

We travel to a solitary planet and wait for the transmissions to reach us

What does CumGirl8 sound like?


What is the CumGirl8 live experience like?

Cum and see!

Let’s talk about your onstage outfits! What inspires these looks?

Feeling sexy, feeling powerful, feeling the future

You guys have been busy playing live shows! How have you been finding this so far?

Next level: Power up, speed boost

If you could choose to play a show with any 3 other acts, who would they be?

Beat Happening, Bikini Kill, The Runaways, Blondie, JFA, ESG, The Cure, Devo, Lil Kim, Duster, Sonic Youth, Delroy Edwards, James Ferraro, David Bowie, Nina Hagen, Nancy Sinatra, The B-52’s, Missing Persons, The Go-Go’s, Book of Love, The Paranoyds, Bunny Michael, CupcakKe, Deli Girls, Mr. Truelove, Thanks God, Megan Thee Stallion, Pluto, Saturn, Venus, and Mars …

What is the desired message of your music?

That loving yourself is freedom

What do you hope to represent to your fans?

An empowering force for good

Who is CumGirl8 for?


What can we expect from your debut album?

Something else

Any plans to come to Europe? (Please!)

Take us to your leaders!

Instagram @cumgirl8

Photos by Diego Villarreal @ddiegovillarreal