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Arvida Byström grew up on the internet, neck and neck with the social media we now consider fundamental. The internet was for her a space where she was free to cultivate her personal and artistic expression while escaping the restrictions of the outside world. Byström knows the internet, through it she tailors her own world order with an astute and critical awareness. Cherry picking is a testament to this physical and virtual bilingualism. Still lifes consisting of fruits and flowers intermingle with treasures of the new world; smartphones, chargers and headphones. Pictures of testicles and lingerie-clad peaches conjure questions about what exactly deems a picture as sexual, offensive or natural. The cherry appears throughout as a reminder of a selective society as well as symbol for a constructed femininity.

Gallery Steinsland Berliner is pleased to present Cherry Picking, the first solo exhibition by Swedish photographer Arvida Byström held at the gallery. On show is a collection of the artist’s distinctive photography which has received much acclaim and garnered her a considerable online following. Placing Byström’s work in a gallery space presents an opportunity to physically step into her otherwise virtual realm.

Open until 23rd June 2018 | Text by: Ophelia Rolf