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Delivering the lost spirit of rock ‘n’ roll in perfect style, STARCRAWLER play hard and heavy, possessing the mad magic of only the icons before them. Consisting of Arrow de Wilde on lead vocals, Austin Smith on drums, Henri Cash on guitar and Tim Franco on bass, the rebel teens are the antidote to the poison of now.

How did Starcrawler begin?

Arrow: I knew Austin through a couple friends, and I knew Henri from school. The three of us started getting together and writing songs, and rehearsed for about a year just as a three-piece. We were looking for a bass player but no one fit, and then we found Tim a couple months ago.

Austin: There was a bit of a broken process of getting the band together. The first batch of this band was Arrow myself and another friend of Arrow’s just hanging and trying to make some kind of sound. Then later on Arrow found Henri and from there we’ve taken that momentum and found our new bassist Tim.

Tell us a little bit about the creative dynamics of the band. Who writes the songs etc.

Henri: It’s different for every song, sometimes me and Arrow sit down and we work on lyrics, and other times we’ll be rehearsing and a song comes together.

Austin: We all pitch in. There’s no one set person that does everything. Usually Henri will have a riff or an idea for something and as a group we cut and edit to see where it goes. Total spontaneity.

What is the Star Crawler live experience like?

Tim: Energy packed, though I mainly stand silently to the left of the stage with conviction or something like that.

Austin: Loud !

Henri: The amp is on 11.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Arrow: My main influence is Ozzy Osbourne, he’s my hero. I went to an all-girls Catholic middle school, and he was the main thing that got me through that church of hell. That aside, I also take inspiration from Bowie, Alice Cooper, and I love The Beatles. Strange combo I know…but that’s just how it goes!

Henri: Jack White, Iggy and the Stooges, The Plimsouls, anything rock and blues…and lots of attitude.

Austin: It’s pretty all over the place for me kinda depends on my mood or feeling. Currently I’ve just been watching (and for lack of a better term) studying bands like Sonic Youth and Electric Wizard.

Tim: Harry Nilsson, John Lennon, the Beach Boys.

Arrow, you’re the only girl in the band. Are you the boss?

Arrow: I don’t think me being a girl has anything to do with it. We all work together as a band, and have equal share of power. I don’t like to identify the band as a “girl band” or “female-fronted”. It’s a band. Who cares if I’m a girl.

What can we expect from your debut album?

Austin: You can expect a relentless tour and sounds that will carry you to a new place and time!

You guys look amazing. Who styles you?

Arrow: I wear what I want to wear. No stylist.

Austin: Ourselves.

Tim: Me, sometimes Arrow gives me a shirt though.

Henri: Ain’t we pretty?

If you could be on a bill with 3 other acts, who would be your dream line up

Arrow: I would choose Ozzy, Mozart, and The Beatles…and then like Mottley Crue or Ratt or something. That would be a sick fest! I know I chose more than 3. That’s just too hard.

Henri: Jim Jones Revue, The Wiggles, and Bob Log III.

Austin: Can, Sleep, Lightning Bolt.

Tim: Probably just someone I’d want to watch play a set for free, so probably like Brenton Wood, ELO, and Randy Newman.

Any plans to come to Europe?

Arrow: Hopefully! We’d love to come to Europe. If anyone wants to fly us out, we’ll be there.

Austin: Yeah once the records out we’d love to come over and tour all throughout Europe.

Tim: If the opportunity arises!

Instagram: @starcrawler

Twitter: @thestarcrawler

All photos by Autumn de Wilde