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Badlands 777 favourite DAFY HAGAI has once again proved herself as an absolute force of creativity. Her new zine ‘Golden Showers’ continues her work of remarkable imagery through her non-conformist approach and authentic display of ideas regarding women, fashion and art. Pleasure your eyes and thrill your mind by joining Dafy on her visual ride through the goldmine. 

You’ve captured both badass and sensitivity so beautifully; was this a main mission when creating this zine?

Thank you <3 I wanted to do something along those lines, to express some kind of a badass’ness through feminine aesthetic.

Tell us a little about the title and images referencing “Golden Showers” – what inspired this?

I was playing around with ideas for something that’s considered ‘disgusting’ or ‘dirty’ but still looks aesthetically pleasing. I decided to name my blog, where I first posted the pic, “Golden Showers” as a joke based on the name of my previous blog, “Lots of Gold”. When I was working on my zine I was going through the process of extending that series that I started like 3 years ago.

We feel that your photos have an empowering, anti-conventional fashion point of view. What drives you to make such art?

I think that for me, moving to London and seeing so much fashion photography has really made me think of how art and fashion photography are able to be interesting to me. When I made this series I definitely had some fashion point of view on it.

How do you cast the girls who star in your books/zines?

I cast online or people I know, mostly. I also worked on this zine with “Lorde Inc” which is a street casting modelling agency.

What was the last zine you bought?

I actually bought something at Offprint – Marge Monko’s book “Don’t Wind It Up, Turn It On”. It’s a photo book reenactment of the script of a performance based on different wrist watch advertisements from the 1970s and 1980s.

Instagram: @dafys